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Digital Control System Analysis and Design, 3e

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Designed for a senior-level course in digital or discrete-time controls, this third edition has been updated to include MATLAB based examples for problem solving.

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Comments and Ratings (6)

Sanjeev kumar

I need it badly

John Redy

Good books for me

Brian Stengaard

It is an above average book. It does (as mentioned above) skip a few steps here and there, but as reference it is great. If you are going through the book from start to end you _need_ to do the examples.

omar ouledali

this book very excellent because include the alotof information

jovanni bueno

estudiante de ingenieria eletrica
realizo el ultimo semestre de la carrera
especializaciòn robotica

David Rassam

This book is very poorly written book. It does not explain enough and it skips tremendous number of steps when demonstrating concepts. I believe the author should think about re-writing the book from scratch. Overall the book big time sucks.

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MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

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