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Set Figure to Screen

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Set Figure to Screen



31 Oct 2008 (Updated )

Useful for defining default figure locations on multiple monitors

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Like to use multiple monitors? Don't like Matlab default figure behavior for multiple monitors? This function allows one to define which monitor figures will be drawn on by default. It also allows one to set the default position based on monitor, or a previously drawn figure. This means you can even set the default position to fill an entire monitor!

     Where 'a' is numeric, either a monitor number (1, 2, 3, 4) or a figure handle.
     Where opt is a string, either 'mon' to use a monitor, or 'fig' to
     use a figure handle. a should be either a monitor number (if using 'mon') or a figure handle (if using 'fig').

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)
Other requirements Only tested on Windows XP, no idea about behavior for Linux or Mac systems.
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Comments and Ratings (3)
20 May 2009 Robert M. Flight

If someone could test on Linux or Mac and inform me of behavior, that would be great. If it behaves unexpectedly, please send me a screenshot of the result, the command you gave, describe how your monitors are set up, and the output of the command: "get(0,'MonitorPositions')".

Comment only
17 Feb 2009 Fang Jin

this doesn't work on Mac or linux machine due to the reference to a com.mathworks object in the code. Is there possible you can redefine the thing just by the monitor position. thank you

02 Nov 2008 Bart

Bart (view profile)

It does have help, although it does not contain an H1 line. An H1 line allows you to find your function with 'lookfor' when you have forgotten the exact function name.

The code has a weird order of execution making it harder to read. Furthermore, the M-lint brings up a number of improvements, some of them which are critical (use && instead of &)

03 Nov 2008 1.1

As suggested, added an H1 line and corrected the logical conditions.

03 Nov 2008 1.2

Reorganized into two sections, decision making based on input and actual calculations to change figure position in order to make the function more readable by users. Functionality is unchanged.

20 May 2009 1.3

Removed the use of a Java COM object specific to PC systems in order to make it more general, as well as the ability to set default based on the Matlab position.

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