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Customizing the Model Advisor

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Step by step instructions on how to create and manage model advisor checks.

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The zip file contains a power point presentation covering how to write and maintain Model Advisor checks. In addition to the presentation example files (models and m-files) are included to quickly get the end user up and running as quickly as possible.

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Really good presentation, thx.
I have a question regarding the report generation. html is the standard way in which a report can be generated in model advisor, but I will like to generate my own report in another format (txt or xml) that I can easily parse and compare with other reports. For that, I wrote a small script, which runs a simple check (I intentionally designed the check, such that it fails). I tried to use the function getCheckResultData(titleIDs) to retrieve the check results, but to my suprise, the result was empty. Am I using the wrong function? How can I customize the report, such that I get only a text file or an xml file as result?
Thanks for any useful hint.


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