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A Synchronized Mil-Std-188-110B Receiver

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A Synchronized Mil-Std-188-110B Receiver


Dick Benson (view profile)


12 Nov 2008 (Updated )

Extends the shipping "188" modem. Features a synchronized 1200 bps / short interleave receiver.

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File Information

This file set includes a top level unsychronized Tx / Rx model and a more detailed synchronized Rx model. The top level model Tx outptut has been tested with a third party reference mil-std-188-110 modem and found to generates compliant waveforms. A variable symbol rate Tx driving the synchronized Rx model was added on 11/21/08.
The Rx model implements the 1200 bps / short (0.6 sec) interleave mode. It is driven by recorded wave files that have varying degrees of timing and carrier errors to test the tracking loops.
The model includes:
1) selectable channel impairments
2) preamble correlation to initiate downstream processing
3) a 20 forward-20 feedback tap Recursive Decision Feedback Equalizer
3) timing recovery loop to track long term clock rate errors
4) carrier recvoery loop to ease the burdon of the equalizer
5) novel timing and phase error detectors
6) received data converted to scrolling text output

Required Products Communications System Toolbox
DSP System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements Windows audio support.
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Comments and Ratings (4)
08 Jul 2015 Cao Nguyen


21 Apr 2011 Ben

Ben (view profile)

This model is very useful. Could the author or someone else give a detailed discussion about the timing and carrier recovery algorithm used in this model?

24 Aug 2010 Tanyer Alan

Tanyer Alan (view profile)

19 Oct 2009 sandeep mane

quite useful. Thanks.

12 Nov 2008 1.1

Changed Ml release info from 2006B to 2007B.

21 Nov 2008 1.2

Added a variable symbol rate transmitter model.

17 Dec 2008 1.3

Minor adjustment of signal level to calibrate SNR.
Subsystem name change to fix GUI bug.

08 Jan 2010 1.4

Updated for R2009B.

09 Feb 2010 1.5

removed MEX file

24 May 2011 1.6

Modified to work in R2009B though R2011a inclusive.

12 Dec 2011 1.7

Modified to work with versions R2009B through R2012A (pre-release).

26 Sep 2013 1.8

The models have been modified to be in compliance with changes made to R2013B.

26 Sep 2013 1.9

Models updated to be compliant with changes in R2013B.

08 Dec 2014 1.10

Updated to R2014b

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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