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Nonlinear Control of 3 DOF PUMA Robot

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Nonlinear Control of 3 DOF PUMA Robot



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Three different nonlinear control algorithms are used to control a three degree of freedom PUMA560 robot. These algorithms are:
Computed Torque Control, Sliding Mode and Backstepping Control.
The robot dynamics are taken from:
Brian Armstrong, Oussama Khatib & Joel Burdick , “The Explicit Dynamic Model and Inertial Parameters of the PUMA 560 Arm” , Stanford University, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, IEEE 1986

Put the libraries lorenz3d, sfunxyz and m3dscope into your work folder of the MATLAB

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c x

c x (view profile)

Thanks a lot,good luck!


Dear sir
I had compute that program successful !
thx a lot.

I have another question,
have you ever do the inverse kinematic block
that if we only give desired Px,Py,Pz ,then
we could get the angle for each joint.



Abdel-Razzak (view profile)

Dear Mr. Balaji,
Everything should be included inside the file. any initial values/assumptions are given in the programs.

Good luck,

A. Merheb

Dear sir,
I need the initial values for sfunxyz

hello sir Abderrazak-Thank you for your help on the site; I am doing a project on the neuron-fuzzy comande a puma 560 robot and I need your help to make the robot 3 degree of freedom if you can please


Abdel-Razzak (view profile)

Dear Mr. Muzaffar,
I think that you have to make some changes in the "configuration parameters" [in simulink, go to Simulation (left upper side of the screen) --> configuration parameters]. Perhaps you have to make some changes in the "solver" part (only expecting but I don't know exactly the problem). Is the MATLAB installed completely???

Good luck


Mr. Abdel, i have this error while i run the simulation :
The specified configuration type is missing. The tools for the
configuration might not be installed.
'nmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file




Hmd (view profile)

Thank's a lot, :-)

manjeet dalal

dear Abdel-razzak,
I am doing and thesis on "Neural-fuzzy control for the robotic manipulator".could you help me to do this.
could you please make program and simulink model for this and please send to me on my E-mail
i shall be highly thankfull to you.
you can see this topic on IEEE Explorer site.


Abdel-Razzak (view profile)

The program with the given libraries is working well, I have tested it on other computers. Perhaps it's the MATLAB version or may be other things.


Stefan (view profile)

Still the same error. You should do proper testing before publishing your work.


Abdel-Razzak (view profile)

Thanks Mr. Stefan
I have added the libraries, I hope the program will work now; please inform me.


Stefan (view profile)

A library is missing, so the model isn't running:

Failed to find library 'aerolibutil' referenced by 'sliding_mode_control/3-Link PUMA Robot-Block 2/I matrix/B matrix/b112/SinCos(2*teta2+teta3)'. This library must be on your MATLAB path.



BSD license update


The famous 'aerolibutil' library is added finally, along with some documents about the 3 dof PUMA 560 Robot


some libraries were missing... I added them

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