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A figure with sliders

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Creates or adds sliders to a figure



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FIGURESLIDER cretes by itself a new figure with horizontal and vertical sliders and returns its handle. Sliders are hidden if all objects are shown in the figure. When the figure gets smaller than the enclosed object set, sliders may be used to shift the figure view. Objects in normalized Units are not affected.
An additional Center button is available on the lower right side of the figure window.

FIGURESLIDER(H) adds sliders to an existing window.

FIGURESLIDER works the same as FIGURE. You may use GET(H) to obtain properties of the figure.

Example: figureslider('Name','Figure with sliders', 'ToolBar','figure')

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Can I use this with an already existing GUI?
(I have a GUI I built with Guide and I want to add scrollers when using a smaller display screen)

QiQin Zhan

QiQin Zhan (view profile)

I'm so appreciated to you for your work.But when I use the function
to add sliders to my figure,the slider did not appear itself?So strange?What's wrong with it?The version of my Matlab is Matlab2012b. And the figure units is normalized.



shorter code, file updated


Make sure sliders do not move when using them

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