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DIF Radix2 FFT implementation using embedded MATLAB block

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A Simulink model implementing a DIF FFT algorithm modeled completely using embedded MATLAB blocks.

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Attached zip file contains a Simulink model implementing a high speed Radix2 Decimation in Frequency (DIF) FFT algorithm modeled using embedded MATLAB blocks.
The Simulink model contains two subsystems one with a reference FFT block from Signal processing blockset and other subsystem with the high speed DIF FFT R2 algorithm modeled using embedded MATLAB blocks.

In order to make the streaming interface identical, the behavioral model is placed between Deserialize and Serialize subsystems.

See reference paper in the attached zip file that is used when developing the DIF FFT algorithm using embedded MATLAB blocks.

embedded MATLAB block is a versatile block in Simulink to develop custom algorithms quickly within the Simulink simulation modeling infrastructure;

By using the embeddable subset of MATLAB language in embedded MATLAB block one can quickly verify the timed algorithm behavior in Simulink and then use C or HDL code generation capability to implement the design in s/w or h/w.

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suha nori

suha nori

Mohan Yellayi

Do you need hdlcoder also to simulate this code? There are also several parameters that need to be set. Where are these defined or set? Thanks


thank you

Kiran Kintali

I think this is an amazing implementation using Embedded MATLAB.


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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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