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World Time Zones

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Convert between local time and UTC. Get local time in various places in the world.



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This application is based on a large table of places (cities, states, provinces,states) and their time zones. The methods are:
t = timeZones() construct time converter object
tz = find a time zone (-11 to +12)
tm = t.st2utc(time, place) convert local standard time to UTC
tm = t.dst2utc(time, place) convert local daylight time to UTC
tm = t.utc2st(time, place) convert utc to local standard time
tm = t.utc2dst(time, place) convert utc to local daylight time
t.places() all places for which time is tabulated

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This only knows the current timeszone offset to utc, historical times may differ as timezones have changed as have date for DST etc.


K E (view profile)

Can check whether it's daylight savings time, to pick which conversion to UTC, using . Matlab should build in some of these time conversion utilities.

It doesn't work with summer and winter time :(


VT (view profile)

thank you, works perfectly

Re: Erwin Mayer's contribution

But requires the Financial Toolbox

Tanyer Alan

Tanyer Alan (view profile)

Erwin Mayer


I have written a timezone converter that takes into account DST.
Check it out here:

It makes use of the Calendar Class in Java.

Bill McKeeman

Patrick, I considered DST, and implemented entries in case the use knew DST was in effect. Tabulating DST, even for the U.S., required knowing geographical boundaries for the surprisingly varied laws regulating time. Such an effort was well beyond my own needs, and probably more work than payoff except for customers like AMTRAK. I would be interested in someone else trying it, but not me.

Patrick Leung

This is very useful. However, how would one incorporate daylight saving? Is there a daylight saving library somewhere?

Arvind Ananthan

The constructor errors out in R2009b release!
??? Undefined function or method 'ctranspose' for input arguments of type 'function_handle'.
Error in ==> timeZones>public at 601
o = struct(...
Error in ==> timeZones at 490
tobj = public(); % prepare public interface

Arvind Ananthan

This is a pretty useful class for doing all sorts of UTC time computations.


Updated license


Somehow a floating ' got into the source file. Sorry


removed screen shot


Implemented workaround for problem found in 2009a.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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