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image matching with GUIDE

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image matching with GUIDE

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we use GUIDE to creat a GUI in which we load two images ,convert to binary images and calculates the percentage match.This is gud for studying image procssing for beginners.
i think this cud be modified better and hardware interfaced for clinical applications and person identification in places like an internet cafe.


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Hi Anish, Nice one. Jus a question, on what metric is the tool making comparison ?

thanks a lot for the file image matching algorithm in matlab....
nice work


Shirah (view profile)

Hi Anish. Thanks for the reply.

Well I cannot understand how frequency domain can solve the problem. Can you please elaborate. Thank You.

anish francis

anish francis (view profile)

thank u shirah.this is just a basic time domain approach program to understand image processing with a low size....and to perfectly solve your problem some frequency domain approach is needed..this can be understood by the the techniques elaborated in textbooks


Shirah (view profile)

Hello, interesting piece of work.

However, I have a query. What happen is that if the image is shifted by a few pixels, the message displayed is not matched and the matching percentage reduces considerably.

What according to you can be done in order to improve the situation?. I am thinking of integrating all the pixel values of the possible positions of an image into a matrix. What is your opinion?



nice work


zaidan (view profile)

nice info and code for beginner

Wen Lee

What if the image is shifted a few pixels? Wouldn't that screw up the matching algorithm?


very nice program; hope it'll be helpful for my project.

In my project I want to measure the percentage (%) of waste in a solid waste bin by processing the bin image.

The picture will be taken by a fixed camera mounted with the collection vehicle. So the camera to bin distance is fixed if I can measure the top surface distance from the camera then I can calculate the % of waste.

Please help me how I can do this coding in matlab or any other programming.

john john

i got some errors.. =(


i need a read me file

Aniruddh Roy

A read me file will certainly be appreciated



daniel (view profile)

why if you compare the same 2 images but switch theyr input place (source with target) you get different percentage of match?

Sreeram Mohan

could you generate a readme file so that it becomes complete


Jveer (view profile)

looks very useful! can this be modified to compare differences in 2 shapes made out of points where the coordinates of each point is known?

or for simplicity changes on a chosen 2d plane? could be used to asses deformation in 3d shapes for engineering applications,



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