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Communication Systems Reference Curves

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Communication Systems Reference Curves


Idin Motedayen-Aval


These files show how to match expected theoretical results by Monte Carlo simulations.

%% Display Start message
disp('Running PSK SER Simulation set')
%% Plot theoretical curves
SNRs = -4:24;
[h_fig, h_lines] = PSK_SER_Curves(SNRs);
%% Run Monte Carlo simulations

PSK_SER = zeros(5,length(SNRs));
hold on
simLines = semilogy(SNRs, PSK_SER,'*');

[PSK_BER, PSK_SER] = PSK_Simulate(SNRs, simLines);
%% Plot simulation results
% Simulation results are plotted inside the PSK_Simulate function
%% Add Legend
% Do MATLAB graphics magic to create concise legend
% See "Controling Legends" in MATLAB doc

% group lines together
simGrp = hggroup('DisplayName','Simulation');
theoGrp = hggroup('DisplayName','Theoretical');
    'IconDisplayStyle','on'); % Include this hggroup in the legend
    'IconDisplayStyle','on'); % Include this hggroup in the legend
legend show

disp('Note: Fig. 5-2-10 in Proakis 3rd Edition is labeled incorrectly.')
disp('The y-axis in that figure should be labeled from 10^-5 at the bottom')
disp('rather than 10^-6.  All other labels should be corrected accordingly.')
disp('This figure has been corrected in the 4th Edition.')

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