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Get HTML Table Data into MATLAB

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Get HTML Table Data into MATLAB



16 Dec 2008 (Updated )

Identify tables and interactively select the data to bring into MATLAB.

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File Information

Through the MATLAB Web Browser tables are identified and are interactively selected and the data is imported into MATLAB as a cell array.


This file inspired Get Html Table Data Into Matlab Via Urlread And Without Builtin Browser, Get Geometric Location And Other Information, and Url Read Table.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)
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Comments and Ratings (22)
20 Sep 2016 None

None (view profile)



26 Jun 2015 wilnic

wilnic (view profile)

I keep getting this:

Undefined function or variable

Error in getTableFromWeb (line 31)
activeBrowser =

I'm not sure how to solve this.
Thank you.

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12 May 2015 Germán Lopez

Error using imread (line 349)
File "mlPage.jpg" does not exist.

Error in getTableDataScript (line 15)
im = imread('mlPage.jpg');

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09 May 2015 Kevin

Kevin (view profile)

20 Sep 2014 Raul

Raul (view profile)

Thanks! It works perfect.

11 Sep 2014 Song

Song (view profile)

the script doesn't work. There is no file


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08 Aug 2014 Andrea

Andrea (view profile)


this is a very usefull work! and it works great.
i have just some little problem about the type of information lead into cells:

for finance analisy's porpouse i need to have numbers into cells instead of 'char'. any ideas about how to change it?

thanks so much. anyway, great work!

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14 May 2013 Ivan

Ivan (view profile)

Dear colegues. Great work but not working for

Any help??

Regards, Ivan

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09 Oct 2012 Michael

not working for me. What is required version?

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12 Apr 2012 Richard Crozier

Great, thanks!

22 Feb 2011 Jesse Blocher

24 Jan 2011 Grace

Grace (view profile)

Great tool! I've been using it to download daily stock option price for a class assignment. So cool to have this automatically down

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09 Dec 2010 Sven Koerner

Sven Koerner (view profile)

Great Tool!

01 Oct 2010 Savas

Savas (view profile)


24 Sep 2010 Yuri K

Yuri K (view profile)

Unfortunately does not take properly table with rowspan (probably colspan as well, I didn't test).

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17 Sep 2010 Yuri K

Yuri K (view profile)

Sorry, somehow I didn't send the full comment. This is great tool and I looked for such functionality in MATLAB. One issue is that it searching for the icon in current directory. It better to store it together with the function. Use fileparts(which(mfilename)) instead of pwd.

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17 Sep 2010 Yuri K

Yuri K (view profile)

Even better which(mfilename)

11 Jan 2010 Michael Solis Chacon

Don't work for me, any suggestion

>> getTableDataScript
??? Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.

Error in ==> getTableFromWeb>updateHTML at 47
pageString = reshape(url.toCharArray, 1, []);

Error in ==> getTableFromWeb at 36
newUrlText = updateHTML(urlText);

Error in ==> getTableDataScript at 14

18 Dec 2008 Anders Brun

Anders Brun (view profile)

Nice thing. Too bad the Matlab web browser doesn´t have the same functionality as other browsers though... I could not even load the page that I am most interested in importing. Then again, I could ofcourse save this page as HTML using Firefox, Safari or Explorer and then use your tool to import it into Matlab, which is nice since I don´t have to open up Excel.

16 Dec 2008 Kalev

Kalev (view profile)

16 Dec 2008 Kalev

Kalev (view profile)

27 Sep 2010 1.2

Changed resolution of icon location.

27 Sep 2010 1.3

Added copyright tags

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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