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FWR Toolbox

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Toolbox for the Optimal Finite Word Length implementation of digital filters/controllers.

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The FWR Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox used to analysis the Finite Word Length effects of linear time-invariant digital filters/controllers implementations.
When digital filter/controller are implemented in computing machines (micro-controller, DSP, FPGA, etc.) with finite precision, a degradation occurs. It comes from:
• the addition of roundoff noise after each arithmetic operations,
• the rounding of the embedded parameters.
The FWR Toolbox provides a general description of any possible realization (direct form, state-space, δ or shift operator, observer-state-feedback, cascad decomposition, etc...) in a form that allows a straightforward analysis of the FWL effects. Several tools are provided to compute open-loop/closed-loop sensitivity, stability related measure, roundoff noise gain, ..., and to find optimal realizations, according to these criteria. It is also possible to generate fixed-point code (C code, VHDL, ...).

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