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Recursive directory walk with -exec (UNIX type)

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Directory walking with input function handle called with each matching file found.

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See decription of RDIR (linked in Acknowledgements) for wildcard use.

Calls a function handle for each matching file found.


Recursive directory walk. EXECFUN is a function handle that gets called for each matching file found.The first input argument being the full path of the file, followed by the optional OPTEXECFUNARGS

ROOT is the directory starting point and includes the wildcard specification. Pathnames and wildcards may be used. Wild cards can exist in the pathname too. A special case is the double * that will match multiple directory levels, e.g. c:\**\*.m. Otherwise a single * will only match one directory level.
  e.g. C:\Program Files\Windows *\

EXECFUN is a function handle which takes at least one input argument

OPTEXECFUNARGS are optional input arguments to EXECFUN

    % To create a file list
    rdirExec('c:\program files\windows *\**\*.dll',@callBack,fid)

    %The callBack function has the following signature
    function callBack(varargin)

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Henry (view profile)

Great concept, but buggy implementation.



*Fixed 'clear D' bug


text indents in desc

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

Inspired by: Recursive directory listing

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