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robot arm

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the project describes a link between simmechanics and virtual reality to simulate a robot arm

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the project demonstrates a robot arm architecture with control subsystem and the relation to virtual reality

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tianler SEE

can any one please email this file for me.
I need this file for complete my assignment.

Thank you!!


can u please explane with vedio or some thing how we can semulate a robotic arm on the matlab

asad asad

Nothing happens when I run the model !!! I used Matlab 2012a


yasmin (view profile)

Nothing happens when I run the mode !!! I use Matlab 2012b


zhou (view profile)

very good! perfact!

saraaj100 raj

This is great...It has the link between simmechanics and 3d animation..I am trying for long time to have a link between these..But it is in 1st generation, it will be if it is in 2nd generation
Thank you



Ahmad (view profile)

really I am thankful for you, indeed this is a powerful model.

Md Rakibul

Hi cannot download the file. Plz help

Place the documents you've downloaded in the same folder of MatLab's default folder for running.
Mine is ubicated in C://Program Files/Matlab/R2008b/work

Da Robot

I get the same error as the others and my matlab version is 2010a.
Sugestions anyone?

Houssein LAMINE

I opened the model and it works fine ,there is no problems.just use MATLA 7.7 or a newer version.

Pål Guttorm

I get the same error..

ali a?cabay

hi!i can not work this robot arm in matlab.The errors are;
"Error in 'robot_arm/robot_arm_Subsystem/Body1': Parameter 'CG' cannot be evaluated. MATLAB error message: Undefined function or variable 'CG'." and "Error in 'robot_arm/robot_arm_Subsystem/Body1': Parameter 'MACHINE_DEFAULT' cannot be evaluated. MATLAB error message: Undefined function or variable 'MACHINE_DEFAULT'."
how i can solve this problem could you help me?

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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