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Space-Time Processing for CDMA Mobile Communications

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Written for research students and design engineers, this book addresses many basic questions related to the use of space-time processing in CDMA-based third-generation systems.

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Comments and Ratings (14)

Said Saleh

Hi All, I tried to run this package on matlab 7, but it did not work. Any one have any idea?

d b v singh

fine & useful

Ahmed jad elrab

Just I need your help to simuate Spatio-temporal smart antenna in WCDMA or Space Time processing for CDMA system

mahen umbarkar

thank u

zaripov shokir

Ram Prasad Paudel

very nice book

a ramki

good one perhaps

felipe acevedo vieira

Dear Mr. Danie Van Wyk. I'm student of systems and computation in Colombia. I have the code of simulator of your book space-time. I would like if in this simulator makes the digital beamforming and what geometry of array uses?

Naveed Altaf


biswa mangaraj

I have just downloaded

jacky mooktie

dear Mr. danie van wyk. I'm a studen of telecommunication college in Indonesia. I need to know about circular disk of scatterers model(CDSM). My refference paper suggest me to find CDSM distribution function to your book. But i've never found that book in Indonesia. Would you like to explain me about CDSM (in this case, according to CDMA wireless coom,)

ta ta

Young-Heung Kang

I hope these programs will be good for my studies.

fdgsdf jkgkghk

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