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Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Method

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Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Method


Mohd Kharbat (view profile)


22 Jan 2009 (Updated )

An implementaion of the very classical optical flow method of Horn & Schunck.

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An implementaion of the very classical optical flow method of Horn & Schunck according to their paper:

 Horn, B.K.P., and Schunck, B.G., Determining Optical Flow, AI(17), No. 1-3, August 1981, pp. 185-203

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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Comments and Ratings (24)
29 Dec 2016 Ahmet BASTURK

Merci beaucoup

24 Nov 2016 Atif Shahzad

28 Mar 2016 wangy1986


03 Feb 2016 Kalidof Kardashian

04 Nov 2015 Cogli

Cogli (view profile)

14 Oct 2014 ana

ana (view profile)

Sir, what will be the value of alpha and no of iterations for the demo run of these images provided in the file..pls reply

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03 Mar 2014 Amin

Amin (view profile)

very good job

25 Feb 2014 Twain

Twain (view profile)

What type of velocity are these vectors representing on the image? Are they pixel velocities? If so, how do I go about averaging them and converting these values to something useful such as speed?

23 Dec 2013 taha

taha (view profile)

11 Oct 2013 hai zha

18 Feb 2013 Bek Yun

Bek Yun (view profile)

Good job!

20 Jun 2012 Andy

Andy (view profile)


23 Apr 2012 Chen yuan

thanks for sharing!

10 Mar 2012 Imad moi

29 Dec 2011 Yuan-min

Thank you

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10 Nov 2011 Tr?n H?u

Hi Kharbat!
Uhm, Thanks for your code Sharing. I would like convert 2D video into 3D video by using optical flow. How can i use those optical flows in order to convert into depth map?

27 Oct 2011 Dacheng Huang

May I have a look?Ha Ha

07 Jul 2011 Atif Anwer

09 Jun 2011 amir yavari

Hi. Thanks for your nice code. Can you explain How did you find [-1 1; -1 1],... in computeDerivates.m file? thanks

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04 May 2011 Matthew

04 May 2011 Matthew

Are you sure that the derivatives in the computeDerivates.m file are correct? Matlab stores images with the y-axis in the first dimension and the x-axis in the second, so I think that fx and fy might be the wrong way around...

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30 Mar 2011 saripah zura

how can i change the optical flow from pixel by pixel to 16x16?

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29 Apr 2010 David

David (view profile)

09 Jun 2009 Andre Cohen

23 Jan 2009 1.1

Now includes the computeDerivatives function.

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