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28 Jan 2009 (Updated )

A fileselector as uigetfile, with multiple selection which does not require Java

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Displays a dialog box for the user to fill in, and returns the filename and path strings. Multiple choices are possible, as well as directory names. Both returned values are then char or cellstr. This function behaves exactly as uigetfile, but in multiple and dirextory mode. The file selector also provides extended functionalities (file edit, sorting, tool tips, filters, wildcards, directory history, ...)

 Use strcat(pathname, filesep, filename) to obtain full file name.

 options may be: 'Location', [x y]
             or [x y]
         and 'MultiSelect', 'on'|'off'

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
Other requirements Any Matlab release will do. Runs also without Java. Fixed handling of names with spaces (e.g. Windows) and sorting.
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Comments and Ratings (7)
19 Jun 2014 Andrew Reibold

30 Sep 2011 David Abraham

Nice! Could you make it so that filtering works? I'd like to, for example, invoke like this: [a,b]=uigetfiles('A*.m','hi') and show only the m-files that begin with 'A'.

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29 Jan 2009 Emmanuel Farhi

I just updated the uigetfiles to handle names with spaces. This also affects sorting. Bugs reported by Petr Krysl should be solved as soon as the update comes into line.

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28 Jan 2009 Petr Krysl

The double-clicking to open folders doesn't work for "Documents and settings" or for "My music": does it have something to do with multi-word with spaces names?

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28 Jan 2009 Petr Krysl

I'm sorry to report that sorting doesn't work. Nothing seems to happen after the folder has been sorted by name.

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28 Jan 2009 Emmanuel Farhi

Dear Petr Krysl,

The double click does opens folders in principle. Single click selects folders, and clicking OK button then returns the selected folder(s). This has been tested on many platforms and Matlab release, but perhaps I missed the config you use.

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28 Jan 2009 Petr Krysl

This may be a good start. I've tried browsing through folders however, and instead of allowing me to go into folders the tool would just select the folder and return it. Perhaps this is a design feature? If it is, it shouldn't be. Double-clicking a folder should open it.

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29 Jan 2009 1.1

 Fixed handling of names with spaces (e.g. Windows) and sorting.

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