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MATLAB xUnit Test Framework

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MATLAB xUnit Test Framework


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31 Jan 2009 (Updated )

MATLAB xUnit is a unit test framework for MATLAB code.

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MATLAB xUnit Test Framework: How to Put Multiple Test Cases in One M-file

MATLAB xUnit Test Framework: How to Put Multiple Test Cases in One M-file

The Quick Start example showed how you can write a simple M-file to be a single test case. This example shows you how to put multiple test cases in one M-file.

Name your M-file beginning or ending with "test", like "testMyFunc". Start by putting the following two lines at the beginning of the file. It's important that the output variable name on line 1 be test_suite.

  function test_suite = testMyFunc

Next, add subfunctions to the file. Each subfunction beginning or ending with "test" becomes an individual test case.

The directory example_subfunction_tests contains a test M-file containing subfunction test cases for the fliplr function.

cd example_subfunction_tests

type testFliplr
function test_suite = testFliplr

function testFliplrMatrix
in = magic(3);
assertEqual(fliplr(in), in(:, [3 2 1]));

function testFliplrVector
assertEqual(fliplr([1 4 10]), [10 4 1]);

As usual, run the test cases using runtests:

Starting test run with 2 test cases.
PASSED in 0.027 seconds.

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