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General Purpose Controller

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This is a general purpose controller that I have built using the Fuzzy Logic Rules.



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This is a general purpose controller that I have built using the Fuzzy Logic Rules. You don't need to have any mathematical background in fuzzy logic to run this model.
You don't need to have fuzzy logic toolbox to run it aswell.
It contains both linear and a nonlinear examples. It also has a read me that explains how to make use of it to your own benefit.

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tai (view profile)

thanks so much

faraz elwafi

thank you bro, but i have problem with solar model, if you have any fuzzy controler related to photovoltaic system,upload it

addie irawan

Salam...Very simple model, hope I could use it in my robot system. Do you have a article or notes related to this model that I could used as my references

wajdi aboud

 thank you sir ,but i want you to help me because i intend to construct a controller for vehicle active suspension system .please if you can send to me a simulation model describing my demand, thank you again.

Hadeed Sher

Hadeed Sher (view profile)

Very nice work indeed. Comprehensive and well elaboration

Since long i was trying to understand the fuzzy controller structure. These files helped me a lot. I really appreciate this work.

wael edelby

As i am a Master's degree graduate, i worked on Matlab and Simulink in my thesis Simulation. I wish i had this advanced Simulink Model to use in my thesis rather than the one i got. I appreciate this work and i recommend to continue giving others such models. Thanks

very simple and useful idea... I tried it for different inputs (ramp, sine, etc...)

we were always debating about the fact that fuzzy logic is no longer than a lookup table, and this post proves it...



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