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Model Replay

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Performs state or parameter estimation of process models using the APMonitor executable.

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These MATLAB files serve as a graphical user interface for using the APMonitor moving horizon estimation (MHE) feature. The APMonitor executable and example files must be requested online as follows: .

This submission includes an MHE example using the Van de Vusse CSTR reaction model. The heat transfer coefficient, kw, and heat transfer, qk, are estimated using measurements for the reactor and cooling jacket temperatures.

Thanks to APMonitor for providing the APMonitor executable used in developing the MATLAB inteface.

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The Van de Vusse reaction model is added to provide a stand alone example for running Model Replay if the user has an apmonitor.exe file.


Updated acknowledgements.


Updated commenting on GUI referring to deleting run folders.


Added notes to the description

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MATLAB 7.0.4 (R14SP2)

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