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Phased Array Design Toolbox v2.5

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Phased Array Design Toolbox v2.5



10 Feb 2009 (Updated )

A toolbox allowing rapid definition and evaluation of 2D and 3D phased array antennas.

function XR=rotx(angle)
% Returns rotation matrix for rotation about X-axis
% Usage: XR=rotx(angle)
% angle....Rotation angle (radians)
% e.g. XR=rotx(pi/2) % +ve Rotation around the X-axis
% Positive rotation is defined as clockwise as looking from the
% end of the X-axis towards the origin.

XR=[ 1    0               0
     0    cos(angle)   sin(angle) 
     0   -sin(angle)   cos(angle)];

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