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Phased Array Design Toolbox v2.5

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Phased Array Design Toolbox v2.5



10 Feb 2009 (Updated )

A toolbox allowing rapid definition and evaluation of 2D and 3D phased array antennas.

% TUTORIAl EXAMPLE1 (tutorial1a)
% Define a vertically orientated half-wave dipole, operating at 1Ghz.
% Then :
% Calculate Directivity (dBi)
% Plot Azimuth and Elevation patterns
% Plot 3D pattern as a mesh and overlay geometry

close all;

help tutorial1a

init;                      % This initialises all the configuration variables
freq_config=1e9;           % Set frequency to 1Ghz
lambda=3e8/freq_config;    % Define a variable for wavelength, this is not obligatory its
                           % just to make the script more readable

% ********  Geometry Construction ********

dipole_config=[lambda/2];  % Configure the dipole (it requires only a single parameter of
                           % length).

single_element(0,0,0,'dipole',0,0);     % Place a single dipole at the origin, aligned by
                                        % default with the x-axis. The last 2 parameters 
                                        % define 0dB amplitude and 0deg phase.

yrot_array(90,1,1);        % Rotate the dipole 90deg around the y-axis to bring it to the vertical  

% The array_config matrix now contains the array description, albeit an array of one
% element

% ***** Plotting and Visualisation ********

list_array(0);             % List out the array definition at the Matlab prompt
plot_geom3d(1,1);          % Display the array geometry together with axis, ampl and phase

% Matlab commands to fine tune the view for this example
view(30,30);               % Orientate 3D view to see dipole more easily
AX=axis;                   % Store 3D axis settings in AX
axis(AX/2);                % Zoom in by 2x on 3D plot

calc_directivity(5,15);    % Calulate the directivity for the array using 5deg increments
                           % in theta and 15deg increments in phi.

plot_theta(-180,5,180,[0],'tot','none');      % Plot the Elevation pattern, a theta pattern from
                                              % -90 to +90 in 5deg steps, for phi=0deg.
                                              % (i.e. pattern the X-Z plane)

plot_phi(0,5,360,[90],'tot','none');          % Plot the Azimuth pattern, a phi pattern from
                                              % 0 to +360 in 5deg steps, for theta=90deg.
                                              % (i.e. pattern the X-Y plane)

plot_geopat3d(5,15,'tot','no','mesh',4);      % Plot 3D pattern as a mesh with array geometry overlaid.

% ***********  End of Script **************

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