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Nonlinear algorithm for controlling dynamical systems, particularly where linear methods fail.



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The enclosed files provide a nonlinear algorithm for controlling dynamical systems, particularly in regimes where linear control methods often fail, such as the targeting of states that are distant in phase space from the system dynamics (e.g., a fixed point at the center of a limit cycle). Four examples of the use of the algorithm are included -- the logistic equation, the Lorenz equations, a physical pendulum, and a simulation of a liquid bridge experiment -- and the algorithm can be easily extended to numerous other systems, both computational and experimental.

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Jefferson Almeida

Works fine but you need correct a little mistake, change variable "case" to "ccase" in files.

Isil Ulug

Lars ANd

All the demos stop because of errors...

viroch sukonthakarn

chen cabbot

Thanks for your kindness

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MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

Inspired: nnls - Non negative least squares

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