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Synchronizing xPC Targets using the Parallel Port

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A demonstration on how to synchronize multiple xPC Targets using the parallel port.

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Multiple targets can be synchronized using the parallel port available on most PC’s. Designating one model as the master to generate an interrupt source on the parallel port, single or multiple slaves can be driven and synchronized by this signal. This demo includes a library that contains blocks that make setting up the parallel port easy. ppsync.pdf and the included models will guide you through the process of synchronizing target PC’s using the parallel port.

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sinh (view profile)

A.H. Kh.

That was a lot to me.
Saving a lot of time. thanks a lot.

This works great and is a life saver for my project! Thanks a million!


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Fixed the titles for the help files

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Inspired by: xPC Target Speaker Blocks

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