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Obtain a single permutation of the numbers 1:N

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   perm = ONEPERM(N,M) returns the M-th permutation of the sorted list of all permutations from PERMS, where M=1 corresponds to identity permutation. N, M are non-negative scalar, perm has size 1-by-N.
Makes use of a fast algorithm to generate a single permutation.

   See also PERMS
        and NPERMUTEK, RECPERMS, NEXTPERM, PERMS1 on the File Exchange

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Peter Li

Peter Li (view profile)

Ah, based on recursive permutation as here:

So not in the same order as Matlab PERMS or C++ STL NEXT_PERMUTATION. I guess this means I can't use this as starting points for a multithreaded version based on STL.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7 (R14)

Inspired: nthperm

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