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Generate report of .m files in html table

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Generates a report of the m-files in a given directory. Results are stored in an html file.



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This is a simple function that can help you to organize your m-files stored in a directory. It reads the m-files of a given directory, retrieves the help text (using the help() function), and generates a simple html table that contains the list of the m-files along with their size and their description (if any description is found).
Execution example:

This m-file may be useful if you want to create a quick report of your m-files, or if you are lost because you have too many m-files in a directory and limited documentation. Of course, it will be needed to have some help (i.e. comments in the beginning of each function).

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Andrei Bejan

Thats was very useful - thanks a lot!

Andrei Bejan

Thats was very useful - thanks a lot!

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