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The given programme calculates the mfcc coefficients of a given speech signal

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The algorithm divides the speech sample into fames and then computes mfcc of each frame and stores in the matrix

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anuj jain

when we sse the function of mfcc it takes three argumnet those are (num, s ,Fs), what does mean this three arguments?? please send me some description on it.


Error using .*
Matrix dimensions must agree.
Error in kannumfcc (line 40)
F=framef.*hamming(N); %multiplies each frame with hamming window
what to do sir???

Hello, I extracted the following parameters: MFCC,PLC, LTAS to a speech signal with noise and without noise. I want to compare both results. what statistical measures i can use? for example: ERROR SQUARE MEAN and which others? Thank you


What is the purpose of 'num' and 's' variables?

Pooja Patel

it gives error and ask for the value of num,s and fs in first line.
function FMatrix=kannumfcc(num,s,Fs)
what i have to do now?

Pooja Patel


i recorded heart sound audio signal and plotted it.Now i have to use MFCC technique and i don't know how to start with that and implement it...plz help me..thanks in advance...


Nica (view profile)

hi guys! can't view the link :( kindly emailed me the code


i have tried but doesnt seems to be running ,every time asking for variables values even variables are defined

can anyone help plzz!!thanx:)

Hi.. I calculated the mfcc matrix of a given audio signal and of a test signal for finding a match. But the total number of samples in both of them is different. Should averge out both to same number? what else can i do? please reply asap.

Ankit Kakkar

can u please mail me the kannumfcc1.2.h file. I came across your c code and want to use it in my research.


Amjad (view profile)


Fitri teh

can u explain to me ..I have run this coding no error and the plot signal is not appear..:)

Taewoo Lee


how can i use this file
i really need your help. Please...

Gökhan Vural

i made a mistake or it doesn't work correctly


That row returns 0 as number of frame and resulting matrix becomes empty cause of it..



how can i applied mfcc in matlab?
actually i do not really know the step
and so far what i've doing is record, play and plot the signal,
and now i want to use MFCC tehcnique, but i do not know how to implement it. Hopefully you can assists me. I've download your Mfcc code and try to run, but there is a problem..i really need your help.Please..

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

Inspired: forward algorithm hmm

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