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Path tools - Dynamic Toolbox Management

  • defTBX()DEFTBX Definition of the available toolboxes
  • gotoGOTO Changes the current folder to the folder of a specified toolbox
  • needsNEEDS Adds or removes toolbox(es) to the MATLAB search path
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Path tools - Dynamic Toolbox Management



28 Feb 2009 (Updated )

Dynamical toolbox path management. Developer's tweak.

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File Information

Path tools provides 2 easy functions to manage your toolboxes/folders.

needs: allows adding and removing toolboxes to the Matlab path.
goto: allows changing the current folder to a specified toolbox.

The toolboxes are specified by name, identifier and path in defTBX.m file. Optional 'info' field provides overview, when evoking
needs() % or goto()

Adds 'TBX1' and 'TBX2' to the Matlab path. Removes 'TBX3' from the path (if there). Equivalently
needs TBX1 TBX2 -TBX3
needs(n1,n2,-n3) % where n1 is the identifier of toolbox TBX1, etc.

needs(100:120) % loads all toolboxes with identifiers from 100 to 120

goto('TBX1') % changes the current folder to the one of toolbox TBX1. Equivalently
goto TBX1
goto n1

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
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28 Jul 2009 Guillaume

24 May 2009 1.2

License changed from GNU to BDS

06 Nov 2011 1.3

Updated author information

06 Nov 2011 1.4

Fixed typo

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