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CELL2STR converts a cell array of strings into a character array.

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CELL2STR converts a cell array of strings into a character array. The resulting character array is possible by padding the strings in each row with spaces.

str = {'this' 'is' 'a' 'test' 'of' 'cell' '2' 'str'};

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Lili (view profile)


Alex (view profile)

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

PS: I've downloaded this file accidently 4 times, because it appears in the browser instead of the usual dialog for downloading and saving to disk.

Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

I'd expect a function called Cell2Str to reply a string as [1 x N] CHAR vector and not a CHAR matrix.
The name of the built-in function CHAR is very equivalent to the other methods to convert values to a specific type: DOUBLE, SINGLE, LOGICAL, (U)INT8, (U)INT16, (U)INT32, (U)INT64.
Cell2Str has some potential for improvements: CELLFUN(@length) is much slower than CELLFUN('prodofdims'). The method fails for {M x N} cell strings or if a cell element contains a CHAR array. The input is not checked. The padding can be created faster in a FOR loop.
But if you start to optimize it, please replace the complete processing by a call of the fast and more powerful command CHAR.
The documentation of the code is well, a help section exists, but is lean. The program works. Therefore I give 2 stars inspite of the limited use.
I admit, that the number of downloads is impressive. But why is this function downloaded?

Markus Huber

I didn't know CHAR, so if found it by searching for a conversion from cell to strings! File-Exchange is sometimes better than the Matlab Documentation... Maybe you should note CHAR in the description!

Marco Cococcioni

Although Jos and us are right, I think this function deserves to stay here, because its name is more intuitive that the built-in 'char', which is not expected to do the conversion. The high number of downloads of this function seems to confirm my opinion. Best regards, MC


us (view profile)

this is exactly what CHAR does - in one simple shot...

Jos (10584)

Jos (10584) (view profile)

Nice programming exercise for duplicating the built-in CHAR function. Please remove.

Kenneth Eaton

Kenneth Eaton (view profile)

How is this different from the following?...

>> str = {'this' 'is' 'a' 'test' 'of' 'cell' '2' 'str'};
>> char(str)

ans =


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