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Interactive Spline Region of Interest

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An interactive, closed spline



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Matlab class that creates an interactive, closed spline which can be used as a region of interest. Can be used to select regions in an image

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Azim (view profile)

thanks all. Added a demo script which should indicate how to use the object. I also added a delete node method as suggested by Abe Lau.


Ben (view profile)

Could you add a document or a demo so that others can easily know how to use it?

And at that time, maybe I will rate your work.


Abe Lau

Eric, what version are you using? You need MATLAB R2008a or later to use all the OO functionality.

Eric Diaz

I tried to use this but there is very little documentation and I received many errors.

??? Error: File: splineroi.m Line: 28 Column: 16
Undefined function or variable 'private'.

??? Error: File: splineroi.m Line: 146 Column: 13
Undefined function or variable 'private'.

??? Error: File: splineroi.m Line: 1 Column: 10
Illegal value for attribute Static.
Parameter must be scalar.

Abe Lau

Thanks Azim. very nicely coded and useful for region of interest selection! easily extensible for additional functionality also! I've added things like clear plot etc... It shouldn't be hard to add/delete Node anywhere within the spline even!

Good work



updated example script to demonstrate creation of mask from the roispline object


Added an example script on how to use the splineroi object and a deleteNode method

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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