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Display fullscreen images on multiple displays (updated)



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The package contains an m file for displaying fullscreen matlab images. The user can specify the display number for the image to be shown. This is a cross platform solution using Java function built into Matlab 7.x and has been tested on Windows and Linux machines.

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Edward Kelley

Excellent work! It would be very helpful if Mathworks would make something like this a permanent part of their distributed libraries. Remarkable job! I especially value the accurate 1:1 pixel representation from image to screen.

Pacho Hybsky

Nice script, working very good, but when I display the image on second screen and then click for example on Matlab command window, the image disappear. Is there any way to keep the image displayed even I'm working in another window?


Juan (view profile)


Wen (view profile)

Vyas A

Vyas A (view profile)

Used it successfully to address a second monitor. However, when I try to simultaneously use a camera object in Matlab to grab images using the matlab function 'getsnapshot(obj1)', this code seems to fail to keep the figure active on the second screen. Am I making some mistake here? Does someone know how the camera can grab images while the second monitor is actively addressed with the full-screen figure on the second monitor? Help highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Alex (view profile)

Works great, but is it possible to use uint16 images for more levels? 0 to 255 is not enough for my application...

Julien Armijo

OK it could work now with several external screens : just need to give different names to the global variables (frame_java, etc.)... Thanks again for this useful function !

Julien Armijo

Very useful file, however I do have a problem, I need to send an image to two external screens (besides the main computer screen), and when I manage to display one then the other cannot be displaying at the same time. By the way I had to use closescreen() right after the first use of fullscreen(im, scr_number), otherwise it did not work. Is there any way to modify fullscreen.m to address two external screens at the same time ? Actually I managed to do it but using 2 matlab sessions, one for each additional screen... Thanks in advance for any help.

Qiaoen Luo

A very good function. I am wondering how to add the re-size and re-position in this one or simply let the full screen display whatever has been changed in the original figure(display the re-sized).


Roger (view profile)

Thanks for sharing these useful functions!

I have one more question. When I display one image in the second monitor with function "fullscreen", I would like to do something else in the first monitor. It seems that the image would stop showing once I do something else. Is there any way that I can keep showing the image in second monitor at the same time? Thanks!

migri tasku

Thank you for your submission, but it doesn't seem to function the same on all systems.

I am using R2010a on OS X 10.6.8.

My use case is two monitors where I would like to have the fullscreen image shown only on one monitor. Currently 'fullscreen' shows the image on both monitors, leaving no way out but to quit Matlab. This happens regardless of whether I use monitor '1' or '2'.

I have read through all the comments and I haven't found a fix for displaying the image on only one monitor. I guess if the desktop would still be visible after launching 'fullscreen', one could use 'closescreen' to get out of the fullscreen mode.

Thank you!


Zoltan (view profile)

I found the solution: under Linux it is important to have the second screen activated at the moment MATLAB starts. ( )


Zoltan (view profile)

Very nice, but I have a problem.
It can't display the fullscreen image under Linux 2.6.24 and X.Org X Server 1.6.4 on the second screen. Is there any solution?

In Windows 7 with Matlab 2010b, the JFrame set to fullscreen via setFullScreenWindow(myjframe) iconifies when it looses the focus.

To prevent this behavior you can set the location of the frame via setLocation (as it is being done right now) and also set the dimensions of the frame to the screen resolution via setSize(bounds.height, bounds.width).

You would only need to change the line:



frame_java.setSize( bounds.height, bounds.width );

I hope it helps :-)

It works well in Windows 7; however, I shared my code with an OSX user and it apparently only displays a black screen instead of an image. Any suggestions?

Andrew King

seems to work well, could be nicely improved with scaling abilities.

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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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