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3-D DataViz Contest Animation

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Scatter plot of results, CPU Time and node count in 3-D, turned into an animated GIF.



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I wanted to look at the underlying space of two factors that went into the overall score for the contest, and see how they related to the length of the entry. The main factors are the result, complexity and the CPU time. I chose result, cpu_time and the nodeCount for my visualization. This is perfect for a 3-D scatter.
For the full 3-D effect, I animated it with a GIF.

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Fifo (view profile)

Duane, why go the route of "we're the authorities around here" route, when the rational argument "the current matlab contest is just adding spam to something that used to be a really high quality fex, and the negative rating to all contributions is directed more towards Mathworks than the submittees" is no longer and more to the point?

A point I wholeheartedly agree with.


Gary (view profile)

Yikes! What a reaction! I think this was an example of how to post the results for the latest contest on FEX.


Updated license


Spelling correction, try 2.


Spelling correction, added AXIS VIS3D to make the animation smoother.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

Inspired by: Animated GIF, MATLAB Contest - Data Visualization

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