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MATLAB Contest - creativity

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The idea of the CREATIVITY visualization is to find most creative participants of the contests.



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They are two versions of election of the most creative authors.
In the first case the most creative author write the biggest number of original lines during contest.
In the second case the most creative author write the biggest number of original lines in the winner entrance.

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C Jethro Lam

I like the fact that you mine insightful information from the data.

Many people in the first plot do not show up in the second plot... so I guess creativity is not enough to win a contest. :)

Doug Hull

Doug Hull (view profile)

To answer the question of using data not normally on the MATLAB path, I offer the following modification.

if ~exist('contest_data.mat','file')
warning ('This was an entry to the MATLAB programming contest ( Please load the contest data and unzip it to place contest_data.mat on your MATLAB path.')


us (view profile)

no H1 line, let alone a help section, no example(s), loads a file, which the typical ML user does not have, all criterion's for which similar submissions have (deservedly) received a one-star rating in the past...

Doug Hull

Doug Hull (view profile)

Oh wow, this is very cool. This gives credit to some of the unsung heroes of the contest. I find it compelling that a story like this is hidden in the data and can be told with two quick graphs.

This is the kind of visualization we were hoping for from this contest.




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