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Reed-Solomon errors-and-erasures decoder

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An errors-and-erasures decoder for Reed-Solomon codes based on the Massey-Berlekamp algorithm



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Routines and functions used in encoding and decoding Reed-Solomon codes. Most importantly, an errors-and-erasures decoder based on the Massey-Berlekamp algorithm is included.

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kortas manel

Please, I have a question, why you created a data message whose elements belonging to the interval [-1 n-1] and not [0 n] in other words why you worked with a negatif member

ahmed shehab

my Graduation Project is about Reed-Solomon codes...
o the first thing we must do it is how to generate finite field by using matlab

ahmed shehab

i want ask you if you can help me with make function that extensions to the binary field finite field GF(2^m)..
this function is like
function Y=generation (N,X)
N is number of bits
X is the generation polynomials function

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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