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Using RTW and Compiler

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Stand alone application example using rapid simulation file.

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This example shows how to create a rapid simulation target from a Simulink model using RTW, and then create a GUI, which is then compiled into stand alone application by MATLAB compiler to control the parameters tuning of the rapid simulation file. The generated application are able to run under the machine w/o MATLAB. (follow the intruction in "distributing stand alone application" in compiler manual)

1) Build the Simulink model using RTW into rapid simulation target. (guide302model.mdl --> guide302model.exe)
2) The GUI already greated (guide302.m and .fig) use following command to compile the GUI
>>mcc -B sglcpp guide302.m
3) The exe file (together with other relevant files) now should be able to run by double clicking on the file in windows explorer. (or use bang operator in MATLAB)

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Frank (view profile)

I would be interested in an updated description of this example. e.g. mcc -B sglcpp is not supported anymore in 2012b

Frank Graeber

If you are interested, I can make an update (R2008a) of the example available.

Athanasios Doukas

I can not use your submission.
When I try to compile the .gif file
I get a response that
"??? Error: No source files were specified (-? for help)."

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MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

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