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Workflow Design Thoughts: How to create lecture notes, homework examples or book figures easily.

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A style guide on how to create published figures for books and lecture notes. M-Files included



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This submission is a style guide for how to setup directories and where to get help on common questions when creating book figures.
I created these files and documentation to help out a friend who is creating a book. I thought others may want to take a look at this if you are starting a new book project. I created a series of helper files to help with printing figures for his book and printing to HTML or PowerPoint for lecture notes. The documentation also points you to appropriate places in The MathWorks documentation for further reading.

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Stefan (view profile)

I cannot open the document. A pdf file would be more appropriate.


Updated license


Removed the Word document now that the PDF is included.


Fixed bug when printing images and some other unhandled objects


Placed a PDF version of the document in the ZIP file along with the Microsoft Word version so people who do not have Microsoft Word 2007 can view it.


Fixed Typo in Description

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