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Short-time Energy and Zero Crossing Rate

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Compute the short time energy (STE) and short-time zero crossing rate (STZCR) of a signal.

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Python version:

This folder contains two simple functions (zerocross and energy) to compute STE and STZCR.

The script zcr_ste_so.m uses these two and other functions (included) to compute the STE and STZCR
of the word 'so'.

See the respective function help for more details.

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jeremy wang

Prabu Paul

how the hell are we suppose to fixe your "winlen" for energy function, it's the length of the window, i'm ruining myself by finding out how to determin it without lucky shot.

najah G

Thanx, already download and manage to run it


oh..remove already done..but i wonder which one is STE, ZCR and ZCRSTE??



Sir..but how to remove the silence part?

thanks! :D

Very nice funcion
Thank you!
I think that the output of the energy vector should be cut to the length of the original signal, at least that make sense in my work.

Nabin S Sharma

Nabin S Sharma (view profile)

thanks all.

@John, its not a simple multiply. Please get some reference on zero-cross rate.


zuo (view profile)


John Gar

A good work!! But, why you use convolution to multiplicate the window in the ZCR? It's not a simple multiply?

Adam Hartz


Diego (view profile)

Good work, man! It helped me a lot!

Thanks and good luck!



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