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Matlab PCT integration with RTDA

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This is the Matlab PCT integration with RTDA based on generic scheduler interface



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This integration have three parts:
1. Integration for the share filesystem, it assume that you have RTDA utility installed on your desktop and your desktop has the share file system with the cluster.
2. Integration for non-share file system on Linux, it assume that you have Linux box as your desktop, but you don't need RTDA utility and share file system. So you need to have a passwordless ssh setup from your desktop to a RTDA submission host
3. Non-share file Windows, same as Linux except MATLAB use putty as the ssh client, user has to install it by himself and make the putty binary available on windows path. Also user has to make the putty session name as exactly same as submission host name because MATLAB need to use pscp to copy the staging data to submission host and unfortunately, pscp don't support session name

As we know, MATLAB support task parallel and data parallel; for the data parallel, MATLAB use MPI. So, inside the RTDA cluster, MATLAB need the passwordless ssh enabled between the worker nodes if user want to use the data parallel functionality

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