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Multidimensional Systems Toolbox

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H-infinity control and simulation of linear spatially invariant systems over several dimensions.



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This toolbox implements the methods of [1] and [2] to design H-infinity controllers for linear spatio-temporally invariant, or multidimensional (MD), systems. Utilities are also provided for the following types of operations on MD systems:
1. System description (MD systems are specified via a linear fractional representation)
2. Model reduction (To remove unreachable and unobservable behavior)
3. System manipulation (series and parallel interconnections, Redheffer's star product, etc)
4. Block transformations, such as continuous to discrete and vice versa
6. System analysis (checking stability and H-infinity performance)
7. System simulation (continuous or discrete systems, with various boundary conditions).

See the manual for details. A list of files in this package is as follows:
1. *.m - Toolbox m-files
2. Heat2DExample/* - 2D heat equation H-infinity synthesis example
3. VehicleExample/* - A 1-D vehicular string example
4. manual/* - LaTeX files for generating the manual

[1] R. D'Andrea. A linear matrix inequality approach to decentralized control of distributed parameter systems. In Proc. American Control Conference, pages 1350-1354, 1998.
[2] R. D'Andrea and G. E. Dullerud. Distributed control design for spatially interconnected systems. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 48(9):1478-1495, 2003.

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