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The aim here is to visualize the degree of overlap between all pairs of entries in the contest.



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I have tried to quantify the overlap between any given pair of submissions. The pairwise overlap matrix is fairly trivial to compute but time-consuming, so I've included a low precision pairwise overlap matrix.
Heatmaps and graphs are used to visualize the results. Visualizing large networks is one area where I find Matlab lacking and need to resort to third-party tools. Perhaps we can see better network visualiztion tools in the future?

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C Jethro Lam

Btw, I think we both wrote some fancy scripts to generate the country flag of Finland. :)

Small suggestion: you may flip the x-axis, so that readers won't need to travel twice the board size to read the correlation of the entry located at the end.

C Jethro Lam

wow, I learnt a lot from you guys...

The rules said "The thing you will be judging is the HTML document resulting from the published M-file"... so the main objective of a publish m file is still to generate the cleanest looking HTML. So adding these codes may not help the case... well, at least this is the direction I was heading towards. :)

Rajiv Narayan

Your point about the missing file is well taken. However I dont think it would have been optimal to bundle the dataset with each submission. While one can argue whether file exchange is the best repository for this code, I dont think comparing the contest entries to regular file exchange submissions is valid. Moreover I feel that there is definitely something to gain from examining the entries in this contest. I certainly have.

Thats a nice idea. In the spirit of over-engineering things, I extended your idea further to actually do the download and extract the dataset.

% GET_CONTEST_DATA Download dataset for the Data visualization contest 2009
% GET_CONTEST_DATA(WD) Downloads the data to the folder WD
function get_contest_data(cwd)
if (exist (cwd, 'dir'))
outfile = fullfile(td,'');
datafile = fullfile(td,'contest_data.mat');
mkdir (td);
unzip (outfile, td);
movefile(datafile, cwd);
error('Folder %s not found', cwd)

Doug Hull

Doug Hull (view profile)

To answer the question of using data not normally on the MATLAB path, I offer the following modification.

if ~exist('contest_data.mat','file')
warning ('This was an entry to the MATLAB programming contest ( Please load the contest data and unzip it to place contest_data.mat on your MATLAB path.')


us (view profile)

no H1 line, no help section, no example(s), loads a file, which the typical ML user does not have and, therefore, causes an error right away...
however, first and foremost, requires an expensive toolbox to run, which is simply unheard of of any former coding contest...


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