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Zoom Functionality in Simulink Using Mouse Wheel



09 Apr 2009 (Updated )

Enable zoom functionality in Simulink using mouse wheel

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When running, this application will enable the standard zoom functionality in Simulink models. There are two versions of the application:

1- SimulinkZoom_CTRL.exe: Enables zoom in/out with the combination of CTRL key and mouse wheel (similar to Office applications)

2- SimulinkZoom.exe: Enables zoom in/out with the mouse wheel only.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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11 Jun 2013 Jisang Park  
10 May 2011 Weifu

Great tools. Should integrate to the product.

06 May 2009 Hamid Satarboroujeni

Thanks Thierry Dalon for your comments.
This is now part of a more comprehensive tool that works in MATLAB Command window and Simulink dialogs as well:

22 Apr 2009 Thierry Dalon

I prefer to use the CTRL version so I still have the default window scrolling functionality. Shift+Scroll for horizontal scrolling.

22 Apr 2009 Thierry Dalon

This a great functionality that should be implemented as standard feature in Simulink I think!

Maybe the author could explain how he implemeted it by delivering source code?

An other nice feature would be to have mouse gestures implemented:
for example Right-Mouse-Click+ move to Right=> move to the right.
Same for LMC+move to the left.

21 Apr 2009 Thierry Dalon

I've tried SimulinkZoom.exe on Matlab R14SP3: it works as advised.
To execute it copy the exe to your path.
I call then in my startup file:
system([which(prc) ' &']);

To the author: how do you call the exe with the option #singleinstance? I get a questdlg if the exe was already started and I recall it. I would like to avoid this but there is not help file that explains how to do use the option.

21 Apr 2009

Typo correction.

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