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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB(R) Webinar

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Files from the "Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB(R)" Webinar.



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This contains the demo files and the presentation PDF file used in the "Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB(R)" Webinar, which was delivered in April 2009. These are meant to augment the Webinar, not replace it. Check out the On-Demand Webinars to view:

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Tuncay Eren

Very good explanation about Matlab OOP and the application you presented is very helpful.
Is it possible to share the mathematical model you have used in this application? Is there a pdf document file about this that you can include here?

Many thanks in advance!!


Wouter (view profile)

alex liu



It's a good webinar. Clear speaker. Structured development, very nice. Slow paced, unfortunately; the same material could be presented in 2/3 the time. It doesn't really explain the basis for some fundamental syntax requirements. I came here from a different OOP background, and it took me all afternoon to figure out why my objects were not getting updated. MATLAB pass-by-value is the culprit; I expected the functions to simply update the object properties. This is the reason for functions, rather than "procedure", I suppose.


Lydia (view profile)

I am trying to watch this webinar and I get an error that the file is not found or has been moved

Abd ur Rehman



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