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find lines of code which are not suppressed (no semicolon at end)

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Finds code that generates output in the command window due to a missing semicolon (non-suppressed)



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Ever had the annoying problem that a large program consisting of many files generated unwanted text output in the command window due to non-suppressed output ?

This function finds, based on profile data, lines of code which produce non-suppressed output (not terminated by semicolon). Only functions which are actually called are considered.

 to use:
 profile on;
profile off;
 findNonSuppressedOutput( p, '/code/projectA/' )

this will run mlint on all called functions in path code/projectA/ (and subdirs) and report lines that contain the requested mlint IDs (here: non-terminated lines, IDs NOPRT and NOPTS) functions called that reside outside the provided path are ignored. Note that only lines which mlint correctly identifies are found.

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Thomas (view profile)

Worked great.


Thomas (view profile)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

Inspired: Manchester

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