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TCP/IP distributed waitbar

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classWaitbardist allows you to update a MATLAB waitbar through the network via TCP/IP sockets.



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This waitbar was first designed to be used for distributed computing with the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ but can be used independently.
classWaitbardist uses 2 other MATLAB custom classes, classTCPIPSender and classTCPIPReceiver, that both rely on JAVA sockets (in communication.jar).
These 2 classes are used to commmunicate between several MATLAB applications over the network. They are NON BLOCKING as they create JAVA threads.
Typically, one application will act as a server that receive info and other applications will act as clients that will send info.
The flow of info is unidirectional in the implementation: Info goes from the client to server. It is a design choice but feel free to use classTCPIPSender and classTCPIPReceiver as starters for your own purpose. Just give a feedback.
The serialization of MATLAB data is made via temporary MAT file creation.

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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