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Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB

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Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB


Stephen Lynch (view profile)


13 Sep 2002 (Updated )

Companion Software.

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"Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB" covers standard material for an introduction to dynamical systems theory. The text deals with both discrete and continuous systems.
There are applications in mechanical systems, chemical kinetics, electric circuits, interacting species, economics, nonlinear optics, biology, neural networks and materials science, for example.
These MATLAB programs have been written to supplement the textbook, and give the reader a real hands-on experience.
The text is aimed at senior undergraduates, graduate students, and working scientists in industry.
The book has been published by Birkhauser in July 2004. The second edition was published in 2014.
Table of Contents of the book, mock exam papers and MATLAB index file can be found in

Required Products Simulink
Symbolic Math Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 8.6 (R2015b)
MATLAB Search Path
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Comments and Ratings (40)
19 Jan 2017 George Effanga

It is just what a nonlinear dynamics investigator needs!

07 Dec 2016 dziri akader

thank you very much sir.

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30 Jan 2015 Manashita Borah

The code has been very helpful. Especially the program 13d for calculating Lyapunov exponents. How can I use the code for finding the Lyapunov exponents of a fractional order Lorenz chaotic system of order say 0.85? I tried replacing the fcn_integrator (FDE solver) by fde12 but errors come up. Please help

04 May 2014 James Adams

James Adams (view profile)

Excellent set of programs. Has helped to bring the unit to life.

03 Jul 2013 Will Campbell

26 Jul 2011 Ruben Ortiz

como descargo el archivo?

13 Jul 2011 zhu zhu


08 Jun 2011 Luca Fenu

Great. thanks a lot for this very useful young lady's primer (:-))...

04 May 2011 liyin

liyin (view profile)

very good

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16 Apr 2011 Mohsin Shah

how can i get the book?

Comment only
27 Nov 2010 Ben Nuttall

Very useful set of files.

29 Sep 2010 Kumaravel

Very useful material

17 Feb 2009 Max

Max (view profile)

09 Sep 2008 roshan kumar

no comments

Comment only
14 Apr 2008 j paolo

very good

28 Mar 2008 Lp Lp

I can not use the simulink file,the working windows is always blank.

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24 Mar 2008 Budi Sulistyo

For "program 2a", there are some mistakes which cause inefficiency in simulating Tent Map, here they are: the program iterates tent Map for nmax iteration, but the program only uses nmax/2 iteration when plotting the result.

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08 Jan 2008 bozidar zeljezic

24 Oct 2007 Quan-Xing Liu

Very good!

26 Sep 2007 Bedassa Cheneka

16 Jul 2007 dom walker


12 Jul 2007 Travi therou


Comment only
09 Jun 2007 yakup eraslan

06 Jun 2007 jose ramos

bueno, para aprender caos y fractales en MATLAB

23 Feb 2007 hamed nozari

10 Feb 2007 jao walker


09 Feb 2007 Andres Pantoja

04 Dec 2006 Garin Añaños

low dimensional dynamical system and chaos

Comment only
30 Nov 2006 Liu qian

so good

30 Sep 2006 ehab adel

thx fore this service

30 Aug 2006 Weiyan Gong

06 Aug 2006 Jaz Patel

V. good

05 Aug 2006 msm saad

18 Jun 2006 yousef natsheh

its good

04 Apr 2006 saeed ghavami

25 Jan 2006 Nicoara Dumitru

10 Oct 2004 R Garvey

Excellent book. Easy to use files. Lots and lots of applications.

10 Oct 2004 R Garvey

Excellent book. Easy to use files. Lots and lots of applications.

Comment only
07 Oct 2004 user 2048

Does NOT include contents of book, despite what the description implies.

01 Dec 2003 Harrison S

goes well with the book!

18 Sep 2002

Up-date 18/09/02

24 Sep 2002

Add Chapter 7 M-files.

25 Sep 2002

Up-date 19/09/02

02 Oct 2002

Add phase portrait plotter.

03 Oct 2002

Add a jpeg of a phase portrait.

08 Oct 2002

Modified image size.

17 Oct 2002

Add M-files for Chapters 10 and 11.

23 Oct 2002

Correct Program2d.m

22 Nov 2002

Add M-files for Chapters 12, 13 and 14.

28 May 2003

Complete set of MATLAB files and Simulink files.

03 Jun 2003

Complete set of MATLAB files and Simulink files.

05 Jun 2003

Complete set of MATLAB files and Simulink files.

06 Jun 2003

All M-files, Simulink model files and txt files.

11 Jun 2003

Add a Program Index (Index.m)

29 Oct 2003

Add Simulink Lorenz Model

30 Oct 2003

Add Simulink Lorenz Model (up-date

04 Dec 2003

Add Chaos Synchronization (up-date

18 Dec 2003

Add color Mandelbrot Set. Program_3c.

16 Jan 2004


19 Jan 2004

Update (16/01/04)

13 Feb 2004

Book published in April/May 2004. Sorry for the delay!

04 May 2004

Book published in June 2004. Sorry for the delay!

12 May 2004

Front cover of book.

13 May 2004

Front cover of book.

09 Jun 2004

Book published!

12 Jul 2004

Book available at amazon etc.

07 Oct 2004

Add Programs_13d (Lyapunov exponents of Lorenz) and Programs_15a.

08 Oct 2004

List of Contents of the book is on

08 Oct 2004

Tidy up files.

08 Feb 2007

Add animation programs: Program_4c.m, Programs_12c.m and Programs12d.m. See the Index.txt file for more information.

09 Feb 2007

Add animations Program_4c.m, Programs_12_c.m and Programs_12d.m.

15 Feb 2007

Add files Program_4c.m, Programs_12c.m and Programs_12d.m. Animations.

22 Sep 2009 1.3

MATLAB R2009b files for the book "Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB". I am working on a second edition of the book!

22 Sep 2009 1.4

Tidy up files.

08 Jun 2011 1.5

Updated M-Files for R2011a and added two mock MATLAB-based examination papers to be sat in a computer laboratory.

20 Mar 2013 1.7

Update for R2013a.

08 Oct 2015 1.7

Updated for R2015b. New files added for Chapters 10 and 15.

08 Oct 2015 1.7

Updated for R2015b.

30 Jan 2016 1.7

Added Chua bifurcation animation: Programs_14f.

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