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The Waveform Suite for MATLAB

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The Waveform Suite is now developed as part of the geoscience community codes, linked below.



MATLAB Toolbox for Seismic Data Analysis

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Carlos Vargas

Hi Glenn and Celso, please, let me know what is wrong with this sentence for reading a s-file of Seisan (under windows and just using the test files):

demodir = fullfile('\1996\06','Seismo','REA','TEST_');
%I have also used this path: demodir = fullfile('C:\Seismo\REA\TEST_\1996\06'), but also it does not work.
Events_test = Catalog.retrieve('seisan','dbpath',demodir,'startTime',starttime,'endTime',endtime);

As result, messages are something like this:
There are 0 sfiles matching your request in C:\Seismo\REA\TEST_\1996\06
Undefined function or variable 'dnum'.

Error in Catalog.read_catalog.seisan (line 134)
    self = Catalog(dnum', lon', lat', depth', mag', magtype', etype', 'request', request);

Error in Catalog.retrieve (line 328)
                    self = Catalog.read_catalog.seisan(varargin{:});

Thanks for your cooperation.


GISMO (of which The Waveform Suite is the core component) has now moved to:

We are building a wiki at:

- Glenn & Celso

GISMO (of which The Waveform Suite is the core component) has now moved to:

We are building a wiki at:

- Glenn & Celso

Celso Reyes

With the closing of google code, development continues on the waveform suite on GitHub , where the waveform suite underpins GISMO. Right now the entire suite is undergoing renovation. The next stable version will be posted here. Then, I will split off a newer version which takes advantage of MATLAB's current object-oriented methods.

The next (NEW) version will very likely break backwards compatibility, but should be even easier to use.

Thanks for your support, and come visit on GitHub as well.
- Celso



Andre (view profile)

This toolbox is very useful to me, for my school works, but, i'm new in Matlab, can you tell me how i can use this toolbox?


Tim (view profile)

Celso Reyes

Waveform Suite News: An article describing the Waveform Suite appears in the Jan/Feb 2011 edition of Seismological Research Letters, in the Electronic Seismologist column.

Reyes, C. G. and West, M. E., 2011. "The Waveform Suite: A Robust Platform for Manipulating Waveforms in MATLAB", SRL 82 (1) 104-110.

Please, feel free to reference that if you find this program helpful to your research.
Thank you,





The Waveform Suite is no longer maintained at this page. It is now accessible as a core component of GISMO and is available at


This version also can access waveforms from the IRIS-DMC, using the IRIS-WS java library. More information is available from:


Variety of bug fixes and improvements (see @waveform/readme). Details of changes are available at the GISMO development site,


r258 includes fixes to dates, history, extract (eliminating possible 1-extra datapoint at end of timeseries), and an error generated when creating a specgram from a single waveform.


updated the "Other requirements" to reflect spectralobject's and filterobject's dependence upon the hanning.m and butter.m from the signal processing toolbox


Corrected an issue where the waveform constructor might not be able to parse dates.


Improved waveform's handling of multi-dimensional cell dates,
added a waveform/legend function, added "builtin" resample method, fixed a datasource/getfilename issue, and fixed a cell vs string problem with load_seisan.


removed dependence upon statistics toolbox, (fixes mean/median/std/var issue), fixed where demean turns off history, overhauled specgram & specgram2 to allow multiple plots with additional options (see help), updated uispecgram.


fixed issue where saved waveforms were not successfully loaded. made history a field (instead of being stored in misc_fields).


updated the waveform/readme.txt to reflect the great many changes that occurred in r206.


Improved: speed, error handling, NaN support, help text; Added log specgram plots , cumtrapz integration; Upgraded NxM waveform (./,.*,-,+) NxM numeric (see help); Removed: outdated user doc outdated, lookupunits(antelope dependent)


no software update at this time, only updating info about my AGU poster session (S11B-1704)


Mostly, many fixes and modifications to how SAC files are treated. Data that is derivable from waveform is no longer duplicated in user fields. waveform/private sac-related m-files were updated and renamed. GISMO revision 136


README file has been updated (4/17), located in @waveform/
It is also available to view online from the download page:

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired: geoscience-community-codes/GISMO

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