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Face Detection & Recognition System

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Face Detection & Recognition System


Mukund Agarwal (view profile)

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24 Apr 2009 (Updated )

The system is part of my final year project.

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This system incorporates motion detection, face detection and face recognition module. After that it emails the unrecognized faces and also makes a video clip.

The GUI is developed in Flash.

You will need to download the AT&T database of faces.

Please feel free to ask me any questions or help.


Imaqmotion Image Acquisition Motion Detection, Face Recognition, and Open Cv Viola Jones Face Detection In Matlab inspired this file.

Required Products Image Acquisition Toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)
Other requirements Latest Flash player
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Comments and Ratings (34)
07 Nov 2015 Olahan sultan

pls i'm currently working on a project similar to it..could you pls send me the pdf and source code to my mail at

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24 Aug 2015 Manishankar Mondal

I am getting this error...How to solve?
Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Users\Manishankar\Documents\MATLAB\MATLAB submission\FaceDetect.mexw32':
The specified module could not be found.

Error in Project_vold_v4>localUpdateFig (line 149)
Face = FaceDetect('haarcascade_frontalface_alt2.xml',Img);

Error in Project_vold_v4>localFrameCallback (line 108)
localUpdateFig(vid, frame, background);

Warning: The TimerFcn callback is being disabled.
To enable the callback, set the TimerFcn property.

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15 Aug 2015 Bikramjit Roy

Sir can you plz send me the code . I will be very thankful to you. my email id is

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26 Jun 2015 yashwanth ash

Hello sir,
I'm currently working on the similar project and are you able to connect ip cam feed with your code..? well I'm working on it and I've got open cv as my backup.I would love to go through your Documentation.I'd be pleased if you forward it to my mail it's:
Thankyou in advance

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15 Apr 2015 Oluwamayowa Sanni

please could you send a pdf copy of this project, i need it for a seminar..thank you

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25 Mar 2015 chaithra k n

sir, i want to change this to still image instead of video can u help..? pls send the modification code to the following id

11 Mar 2015 Moldovan Paul

can you send me please the documentation of this project? it would answer at lot of questions about my final year project

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14 Jan 2015 AKSHATA

plz send me pdf file of this project

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12 Nov 2014 babi koi

why i can download?

03 Oct 2014 Mark Jecel Rapir

where can i download AT&T database?

12 Aug 2014 shehbaz Ali  

Plz send the documentation to as it is my final year main project.

21 Feb 2014 sanjida

sanjida (view profile)

i cannot extract ur zip file, pls can u pls send me this file @ pls

17 Feb 2014 haem

haem (view profile)


hi, i want to work on this, plz tell me, how can i start working on this project.

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03 Dec 2013 Mr Smart  
20 Sep 2013 arockia pushparaj  
03 Jun 2013 mohsen

mohsen (view profile)

Thank you for sharing your code.

01 Mar 2012 Claude Rico

Sir.. Good day.. I am a final year student and Implementing almost same project as what you have done.. I use pure matlab for this project and I hope you can help me for some problems that I met...

more power...

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29 Oct 2011 Hadiza Marwa

tried the detection coding and it keeps showing this while tryin to execute
??? function imaqmotion(obj)
Error: Function definitions are not permitted in this context.

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18 Oct 2011 venkatesh P

iam not getting how to run this code. can u help for me

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05 Sep 2011 GAYATHRI mohan

hey im a final year engg student and m doing face detectiona and recognition asa part of my final year project
can u please guide me on how to go about the whole process?
my email id-

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14 Mar 2011 Zira

Zira (view profile)

hai, could you explain to me how to use this coding. my final project is face detection system in real time. If you could help, it would be reallly reallly big pleasure. Thank you.

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10 Jan 2011 Matthias Muehlich

could you please include the sources of the face detector or at least explain your approach (details of FaceDetect.mexw32)?

I guess it is a wrapper of an openCV implementation of the Viola-Jones algorithm - whats is the difference between your implementation and e.g. this one <a href=""> here </a>? - Where are the C++ sources?


- oh - and the Flex-GUI has no "exit" or "close" functionality - it is possible to exit it by pressing Esc and cose the window, but when implementing a full screen GUI you should also provide a close functionality :-)

other than that - good work

06 Dec 2010 farai manyenga

I am doing my final year project on face recognition., i really need to know how to execute this system cause it can help me a lot in doing my project..thank you..Can anyone help me how to work this project,and What algorithm is used on this program.

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07 Sep 2010 Qiu dw

Qiu dw (view profile)

Thank you for sharing your code.

08 Aug 2010 Nur Atirah

can anyone tell me the steps how to execute this system? cause it is not working..for those who can execute this system, please kindly share it with me..i'm doing my final year project on real-time face, i really need to know how to execute this system cause it can help me a lot in doing my project..thank you..

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06 Aug 2010 norazmira zaidi

im now doing my final year project about pc-based face recognition..can u give me some idea bout this project coz im not quite understand bout this system and how it works...can u tell me more detail about this?

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03 Jul 2010 lubna zaib

how ca i download AT&T database and from where??????

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23 Oct 2009 susheel kumar

not executing to program

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30 Aug 2009 sssss sssssssss

thanks alot for your uploading>>>but the project didnt work with me >>>
the matlab become busy when i run the program>>>>specially when i select to chose the photo from your data base >>>can you help me>>>????

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23 Aug 2009 rajat singh

do you have any code on facial expression..

29 Jul 2009 Jingwan

Thanks a lot. It works great! Almost can detect all the faces! Thank you for uploading. It's been great help!

10 Jun 2009 hemant waghmare

i try to execute this prog but it not working on real time, i m not getting reult, and i want to know that cn we make the gui in matlab domain for this

27 Apr 2009 1.1

READ ME is included + further instruction on how to compile properly.

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