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Fundamental Physical Constants and Unit Conversion in SI (MKS) & Gaussian (CGS) Units

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Create structs with physical constants and conversion factors to other units in MKS & CGS units.

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Modified version of Rob deCarvalho's "Simple Units and Dimensions for Matlab" See for original units.m

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Carl Witthoft

Nice, if a bit complicated with the "XX.YY.ZZ" naming. For those interested solely in values of fundamental constants, try my "fundy," 54096, which accepts names of the constants as inputs.


Todd (view profile)

Also, I would suggest adding radians (rad = m.m/m.m;), and changing Hz = 2*pi rad/s. Isn't rad/s more consistent than Hz most of the time?

You could also add:
%---- angle ----
m.rev = 2*pi * m.rad; % revolutions
m.deg = pi/180 * m.rad; % degrees

%---- frequency ----
m.rpm = m.rev/m.min; % revolutions per minute

%---- flow ----
m.lpm = m.L/m.min; % liters per minute
m.gpm =; % gallons per minute


Todd (view profile)

This is a great update to a tool I've used frequently. I like the innovation of programmatically adding the prefix units. Thank you!

There is a bug in this part: there are no prefix H units, because the min and max are switched.



bsd license

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

Inspired by: Simple Units and Dimensions for Matlab

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