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Customizing the Simulink Interface Demo

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Customizing the Simulink Interface Demo


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This demo walks you through the steps of being able to customize the Simulink interface.

function sl_customization(cm)
% This code hides Continuos library and disables Discrete library. 
cm.LibraryBrowserCustomizer.applyFilter( { 'simulink/Continuous', 'Hidden', ...
                                          'simulink/Discrete', 'Disabled' } );
% This code, currently commented out show how you can hide  and disable
% libraries for specific products. For example, to hide Aerospace Blockset
% and to disable Communications Blockset library, the code below would have
% to be uncommented
%cm.LibraryBrowserCustomizer.applyFilter( { 'Aerospace Blockset', 'Hidden', ...
%                                          'Communications Blockset', 'Disabled' } );

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