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Kinematic/Dynamic Control of a Two Link Manipulator

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Kinematic/Dynamic Control of a Two Link Manipulator


Hrishi Shah (view profile)


29 Apr 2009 (Updated )

Kinematic and Dynamic models of a Two Link Manipulator undergo non-linear feedback linearization.
Two Link Serial/DYN-CLOSED LOOP-B1 (Kp=10000,Kd=100).avi
Two Link Serial/DYN-CLOSED LOOP-B2 (Kp=1000,Kd=100).avi
Two Link Serial/DYN-CLOSED LOOP-B3 (Kp=100,Kd=20).avi
Two Link Serial/DYN-OPEN LOOP.avi
Two Link Serial/DYN_CL_B1.m
Two Link Serial/DYN_CL_B2.m
Two Link Serial/DYN_CL_B3.m
Two Link Serial/dyn_main.m
Two Link Serial/dyn_ol.m
Two Link Serial/ERROR_PLOT_1.m
Two Link Serial/ERROR_PLOT_2.m
Two Link Serial/FIND_TAU_SIM.m
Two Link Serial/HW4_report1.pdf
Two Link Serial/invbot.m
Two Link Serial/invbot2.m
Two Link Serial/KIN-CLOSED LOOP-JS (Kp=100,100).avi
Two Link Serial/KIN-CLOSED LOOP-TS (Kx=100,100).avi
Two Link Serial/kin_cljs.m
Two Link Serial/kin_clts.m
Two Link Serial/kin_ol.m
Two Link Serial/OPEN LOOP.avi
Two Link Serial/plotbot_js_new.m
Two Link Serial/Readme.txt.txt
Two Link Serial/Thumbs.db
Two Link Serial/TH_DES_INFO.m

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